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    April 23, 2005
    MechaArena 1.2 released
    February 22, 2005
    MechaArena 1.2 beta 1 released with Palm OS 5 support
    January 12, 2003
    WorldWar 1.1 released
    December 26, 2002
    WorldWar 1.1rc1 released for public beta
    October 30, 2002
    MechaArena 1.1 released with Sony Clie HiRes support

    WorldWar for the Palm OS
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    How to Play
    Version History

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    WorldWar for the Palm OS is a turn based strategy game of global conquest based on the classic board game Risk. Try to capture continents for bonus armies which will help you in your end goal, to conquer the world.

    Each game can have up to 6 players, including any number of human or computer (with 3 levels of difficulty) players.

    Globe view with stats

    Detailed continent view

    Detailed continent view

    How to Play

    From the menu tap on 'Start New Game.' and select the type of players. Players can be human, computer (easy, medium, hard) or none.

    When a new game starts, you have the oppurtunity to place extra armies on the countries that you own. You can see how many armies you have to place by looking on the Globe view. The number of armies still needing to be placed are listed in parentheses beside you total armies. An example is given below.

                  Armies to be placed
     Countries Owned  |       # Cards
                  |   |             |
         Player @ 4 6(5)            1
         Player # 7 7(0)            3
         Player $ 8 9(0)  Au        3
                |   |      |
            Symbol  |     Continents owned
                  Total Armies

    After the initial armies are placed, each player will place their alotted armies for this turn, attack, and finally moving armies between adjacent countries.

    You turn starts by placing your armies given to you for this turn.

    After you have placed your armies for this turn, you can then attack. To attack, you must have more then one army in the attacking country and the country you want to attack must be adjacent.

    If you sucessfully capture a country and have more then 4 armies left, you are given the oppertunity to move armies between the countries.

    After all attacking is done, you may move armies between adjacent countries that you own. This can only be done once per turn, and it will end you current turn.

    If you do not wish to move armies, tap the 'End' button in the lower right to end your current turn.

    You are given one card per turn if you successfully capture another country during that turn. Cards are worth armies if you have three of a kind or one of each of three types of cards. The cards are turned in at the beginning of your turn and you will receive the armies at that point.

    When you capture an opponents last country, eliminating them from the game, you are given all of the cards that they possesed. If this gives you enough cards to turn in for armies, you can do so at this time.


    Double clicking on the .prc file should bring up to Palm install utility. Click done in this utility and the next time you HotSync the application will be installed.

    Version History

    - Fixed AI not working after resuming
    - Fixed stats reseting after resume
    - Added Palm OS 5 compatibility
    - Added number of armies on globe for color
    - Added customizable colors
    - Added customizable names
    - Added statistics
    - Fixed card trade in bug which always gave 1 army
    - Fixed being able to move armies leaving 0 in To
    - Fixed endless reset Fatal Exception loop on Visors
    - Fixed Fatal Exeption on Palm OS 3.3
    - Speed enhancements for color
    - Added a Black & White only version
    - Full color support, with color coded countries
    - Fixed fatal exception created in last version on Palm OS 3.0 and less
    - Pushbuttons for placing armies didn't reset to 1 in some instances.
    - Initial color support
    - grayscale graphics
    - Improved Hard AI - its more likely to attack whoever is winning
    - Improved Hard AI - smarter in fortifing its countries
    - Improved speed
    - Pushbuttons for placing armies now only show available values
    - End Turn button is hidden during army placement
    - Remaining armies to place is now in the bottom right corner
    - Can no longer changed checkmarks on Cards screen
    - After registration, Welcome form is updated with registration
    - After regisrtation, the registration button will no longer show
    - fixed AI leaving 0 armies in a country
    - fixed Fatal Alert Error when switching apps in the middle of AI turn
    - fixed typo in End Turn dialog
    - Possible fix for disappearing buttons at bottom
    - fixed bug where you couldn't trade in 2 wildcards at the same time
    - Added push buttons for placing multiple armies at once.
    - Added cancel button to Move form.
    - Fixed bug when there was no first player, it still gave them 1 country.
    - Attack dice are more random now.
    - Can not continue after the end of a game.
    - Can not interupt the AI (end turn, display cards).
    - auto-save of game when exit
    - wrong number of armies distributed for new games
    - when less than 6 players, could start with negative armies to deploy (due to above)
    - initial version

    Copyright 2001, Zagware. All Rights Reserved.