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    April 23, 2005
    MechaArena 1.2 released
    February 22, 2005
    MechaArena 1.2 beta 1 released with Palm OS 5 support
    January 12, 2003
    WorldWar 1.1 released
    December 26, 2002
    WorldWar 1.1rc1 released for public beta
    October 30, 2002
    MechaArena 1.1 released with Sony Clie HiRes support

    MechaArena for the Palm OS
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    How to Play
    Version History

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    Mecha Arena for the Palm OS is a futuristic turn based strategic/tactical wargame game between 30-foot tall highly advanced fighting machines, called Mechas. Use the terrain to your advantage and manuever your army to attack your opponents. The last Mecha standing is declared victorious.

    Zoomed in terrain view

    Zoomed out terrain view


    Double clicking the MechaArena.prc should bring up the Palm Install Tool. You will also need to add MechaArena_data.pdb using the Palm Install Tool. Hotsynch your Palm and the files will be copied, and you will be ready to play.

    How to Play

    Mecha Arena is a turn based strategy game, and each turn consists of a movement phase and an attack phase.

    Terrain will play a big part in your strategy, it can slow you down, hide you from your enemy, or hide the enemy from you.

    Managing your heat is also a big part of the strategy. If your heat rises to quickly, your mecha can shutdown, causing you to become a sitting duck for one turn while it tries to restart its engines.

    Movement Phase

    In the movement phase, you get a chance to move all of you mechas to another location. This is done by tapping on the mecha to move, tapping the button of the movement type (walk, run, or jump) and then tapping the desired destination. The best path to get there will be calculated and drawn on the map. If you don't have enough movement points (MP), then it will go as far as it can.

    MP varies for each type of Mecha. The table below lists the actions that require MPs.

    1 MP to turn to face an adjacent direction
    1 MP per elevation change when entering a hex
    1 MP to enter a hex with grass or water terrain
    2 MP to enter a hex with light woods or rough terrain
    3 MP to enter a hex with heavy woods

    Jump jets only cost 1 MP per hex regardless of terrain or elevation, and when you land, you may face any direction.

    Attack Phase

    The attack phase allows you to target the enemy, and select what weapons you would like to use in the attack. The only weapons that are available to use in an attack are those that are in range and in the correct firing arc. The table below will list the firing arcs for each weapon location if you were facing north.

    Right Arm - NW, N, NE, SE
    Left Arm - SW, NW, N, NE
    All Torsos, and Head - NW, N, NE
    Back - S

    If the Mecha you would like to attack has an X through it, then your selected Mecha's line of sight is blocked and can not see this target.


    At the end of each turn, heat is accumulated by moving and firing weapons. The table below lists how heat is accumulated.

    1 point for walking
    2 point for running
    1 point for each hex jumped
    points for each weapon fired

    Heat is dissipated through heat vents, 1 point of heat for each heat vent. If your mecha is standing in water, extra heat is dissipated depending on the level of water. For level -1 water, only the heat vents on the legs are doubled, but in -2 and greater, all heat vents are doubled.

    If a mechas ending heat exceeds 14, then the mecha has chance of being shutdown. The higher the ending heat is the greater chance of shutdown. If a mecha is shutdown, then it is disabled for the next turn, unable to move or attack.

    Version History

    v1.2 - Apr 23, 2005
    - fixed crash on exit
    - fixed unable to resume game
    v1.2b1 - Feb 22, 2005
    - OS5 support
    - 320x480 support
    - Updated graphics curtesy of Brian Chau (
    - Added end turn summary animation
    - Highlight selected hex
    - fixed not showing message when you win
    - fixed save game problem
    v1.1 - Oct 30, 2002
    - Sony Clie HiRes support
    - Added a third zoom level
    - Added ability to see final report
    - fixed resume game issues
    - fixed problems with Sony Clies
    - fixed tapping on hexes accuracy
    - fixed AI going over weight limit
    - fixed canceling new game causing overweight errors
    - fixed not being able to see mecha standing in water in B&W
    - fixed red X not showing as red
    - fixed edges when drawing buttons on map
    v1.0a - Oct 23, 2002
    - Small bug fix
    v1.0 - Oct 22, 2002
    - Initial release

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